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  1. Valrich
    Valrich says:

    here is why the common person can not hit good driver shots. the average store bought driver is 46.5 inches. the average length driver of a pga player is 44.5 inches. the longer the driver the less control you will have which causes you to hit hooks, slices and maybe the occasional good straight shot. improve your game get a custom built driver.

  2. Valrich
    Valrich says:

    why do you miss so many putts ? your putter is the wrong length. the length of a store bought putter is 35″. the average pga player 6′ tall uses a 33.5″ putter. this gives them more control when putting. so, why pay a high price for a store bought putter that you can’t use when you could get one custom made at a better price.

  3. Valrich
    Valrich says:

    Did you know a complete set of standard name brand golf clubs putter through driver will cost you $2,500.00

    A complete set of ValRich Sports custom built clubs cost $1,700.00

    Imagine the number of rounds of golf you could play and play better.

  4. Valrich
    Valrich says:

    Did you know major golf companies produce their clubs in China.
    So, why pay an average of $2,500.00 for a set of name brand clubs you probably can’t play; when you get a totally custom built complete set for $1,600.00.

    SAVE your MONEY and get a custom built set by a certified club builder.

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