Club Building

Great you had your Club Fitting

After your club fitting your certified club builder will get to work

Getting it Straight

At ValRich Sports your Club builder will oscillate all of your golf shafts to ensure that the kick points are noted and that they are placed in the right positions in the golf head 

The Cuts

After Oscillation the clubs are then cut to the right flex and the correct length

The Shaft Prep

After all cuts or extensions are made, its down and dirty getting all the shafts roughed up for the heads

Getting it balanced

After all the dirty work is over its off to get them balanced and weighted

Getting Sticky

The shafts and heads are lined up and then united

Letting them All Hang Out

Clubs are racked and left to cure

Get The Grip

Measure out the tape, slide the grip on and Voila. It's done.

Oscillate Again

We like to frequency test again to make sure everything is aligned

Hitting The Links

Ready for the test drive