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Custom Fitting


What we do

We break down the club to the basic parts and  start from scratch to build your set of golf clubs. 

Golf Heads

We evaluate the differences between the different golf heads to find the correct head you should be playing with ie: blades, cavity backs, undercuts or hybrids

Shaft Evaluation

We test and measure to see what shaft length, flex and torque is the best for your game

The Grip

A very important step in the golf club fitting is to see the best grip for your style. The wrong grip could cause use to over or under rotate the golf swing causing hooks, slices and even banana ball flight. 

The Assessment

After all evaluations and testing have been performed you will know exactly what type of club you should be playing with to get the most out of your game.


- How much does a custom built set of clubs cost?

A complete set putter through driver  costs approximately $1,600.00 

How long does it take to build a custom set of clubs?

Approximately 1 week

Why does it take so long?

depending on builds special shafts may need to be ordered

Should I take the 1 hour free golf lesson?

We recommend that you take our free golf lesson to see that you are using the right grip, stance, swing path, etc...