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Just the Club Facts

Here is the Meat and Potatoes

How many times have you seen a commercial advertising if you buy this club you will hit it longer and futher than any other club, so you rush to the store and pay $500.00  for a driver or $3,000 to $4,000.00 to buy a set only on to hit the driving range  to crush 300 yard drives and you hit worm burners, hooks, slices and then you go to golf instructors and pay for 10, 15 even 20 lessons to learn how to hit those clubs. Then instead of paying $3,000 to $4,000 now your up to $5,000 to even $8,000 and don't forget about all of the training aides that go along with it which adds another $500 to $1000. 


Store bought clubs you never really know what your getting. 

- Yes, they do have the name brand on them

- No, the clubs are not always what they say they are

- No, they are not always a stiff, regular, senior or ladies flex because if they are out or low on a shaft they will substitute a stiff with a regular or a ladies with a senior

- Here is the real kicker no one knows what torque it is unless it is tested on a machine. You can have a senior flex shaft with a 3.8 torque. That means  you have the right flex but the shaft twisting ability of a 2x4

- Why am I spraying balls all over the fairway? 

           Well, when those clubs are made they are all made standard which means standard length, loft and lie. For example, the typical length of a standard driver is 46" pga tour average is 44.5" and LPGA average is 43.5" and the average length of a putter is 36". The tour average is 32"

- The shaft name makes it so easy to line up on the ball?

               This is true, however it does not mean that the shaft is lined up correctly with the kick points which can cause you to spray balls or not have the consistency that you want crushing it down the fairway.

My driver says its a 10.5 degree?

             This is true, however what you don't know which is the same with the shafts is if the driver head is open, closed or square faced which can cause you to hit hooks, slices, worm burners or banana balls


A true certified club builder addresses all of these concerns above when building your golf clubs and at ValRich Sports Golf when you leave with your new clubs you will know exactly what you have.

We will build your clubs with the:

Correct head







And for putters we do the same. You will have the correct:

Head Weight




And Grip